Parsha Vayishlach – The stories in the text

Story 55-56-57-58 - Esau's Lineage

Vayishlach: The Stories in the Text!
So much drama!
There is an abduction/r*pe.
And a massacre.
And even a hip displacement!!!
The Horror!
Dreams, ladders, divine beings and list of people… SO MANY PEOPLE!

And Amalek makes his first appearance!

Parsha Vayishlach

Vayishlach Parsha Map. All nodes, based on the text. Characters and Deities Only.

Quick entry… I’ll update it Sunday

This is the one Parsha I was dreading…
It contains my most dreaded Chapter 36. It is just a bunch of names… and more names.

In the end, the whole thing seems to be a set-up for Amalek.