Story 48-49-50 - Jacob and Esau
Story 48-49-50 – Jacob and Esau

Story 48-49-50 – Jacob and Esau

Rather than posting each story by itself, I group them into bigger narratives.

Here is all that has to do with Jacob and Esau.

It starts with Jacob heading back to Canaan and being afraid of his brother.

Then we take a detour in the story to witness Jacob’s dream! 
there is a ladder, and angels and magical things happening, like him wrestling with a divine being.

Ok.. so I am confused here. Is there a rabbi in the house? I need some answers!

Was it with G-d that he wrestled? Or with a man? Or an angel/messenger?
I read the other day that it was a messenger from Esau?
And this being suddenly decides to rename Jacob to “Israel”, which means: the one that “Wrestled with G-d”. So it was G-d? or someone with a giant ego!
And also.. because his hip got hurt we don’t eat “Punta de Anca”??? What’s with that?

Story 51 – The Abduction of Dinah

This is one of those stories that prove my point that the bible IS NOT FOR KIDS!
You always see these books with Noah, and Gan Eden, and maybe the parting of the REED sea, but never the “Abduction of Dinah”. 
Because it is not a nice story. From beginning to end.
From Dinah’s abduction to the force circumcising of all men in the city, to the killing of all the ailing men by Levi and Simeon… and to end with a question that gets no answer: 

“Should our sister be treated like a wh*re?”

Difficult story. Don’t know what the deeper meaning of this one might be. And I don’t think I want to know.

Story 51 - The Abduction of Dinah
Story 51 – The Abduction of Dinah
Story 52-53-54 - Jacob in Canaan
Story 52-53-54 – Jacob in Canaan

Story 52-53-54 – Jacob in Canaan

This is the story of Jacob in Canaan. He builds an altar, Rachel dies and he has a serious talk with G-d.

Here The Covenant is formulated again.
A bit of scolding to Simon and Levi for what happened in the previous story and a partial genealogy of him and his children.

Oh… And Reuben messed up!

Story 55-56-57-58 – Esau’s Lineage

Ah… Chapter 36… If you’ve been following this, you might know by now that I have a special place for this chapter in my heart. 
it is not the first time that I mapped this chapter, and I know it’ll not be the last!
We get different lineages:
Esau’s, the Horite’s, and “The Kings” of the Land of Edom. 
And just to be clear, Esau is Edom…

My theory is that all this listing is for the sake of placing Amalek in the background. And maybe as a political statement for those that knew who all these people were!
Rare mention of the “daughter of the daughter of someone…Can’t remember who… too many names!

And also… Are Dishan and Dishon the same, but at the same time, they are not?

So confusing!

Story 55-56-57-58 - Esau's Lineage
Story 55-56-57-58 – Esau’s Lineage