Or should it be Tamar and Judah? Or just Tamar?

Story of Judah and Tamar
Story of Judah and Tamar

Probably one of the best stories in the Bible.

So much to say about it, but it is important to remember the social and cultural context of the story.

Let’s not look at what is the “thing” that Tamar is fighting for and that lead her to do what was needed.
Let’s focus on the fact that she is a woman in the text, fighting for her rights. Taking action and getting what society, her in-laws and (again, context is king) culture expects from her.

When Judah realises what has happened, he has no other option but to admit that he was in the wrong.
And well, from Tamar’s progeny we get another sibling rivalry story, but one that is not explored further on the text, but that we know the result… that the younger one prevailed over the older one.
The thing here is that it was Perez the one that was going to go out first, but then he retracted, so his brother, Zerah, was born first. 

And we should all know by now, that it is the young one the one that matters. The older one, even with his Birthright and all, is not the one that will count! (Maybe Aaron does, but yet again, it is Moshe the one we call Rabbeinu!)

A story about women empowerment.